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Pull back the veil, and meet the Ghosts of the Future…


Ian Blake Newhem

Newhem’s a ghost – writer – for … he can’t say, lest goons stalk and shiv you. With an MA (U. of Manchester, UK), he’s placed in competitions and written 100+ mass-market books, articles, stories, and essays for publications/publishers including HarperCollins; Crown; Perigee; Adams; Utne Reader; North Dakota Quarterly; Writer’s Digest; Story; MadHat Lit; Origins; Brain, Child; Genre; Really; White Ash; Gannett’s Journal News; & News Corp’s Times Herald-Record. Anthologized, twice Pushcart-nominated, NPR-produced, and selected Starcherone Books Prize finalist, featured on 200+ radio and TV shows. Newhem advocates for freelancers as contract adviser on the National Writers’ Union Service Organization board. He rescued orphan elephants in Kenya; winter-summited Kilimanjaro post-cancer; almost died skydiving; taught war reporting in Croatia; and he fights fires.


Alexander Sorondo

Alexander Sorondo graduated from Florida International University in 2013 with a degree in English. He works as a tutor at Miami Dade College. Alex’s fiction has been published in First Inkling Magazine and Jai-Alai Magazine, and he currently operates View from the Bar, a blog about what he sees, does, and overhears at bars. He intends to be a writer; his childhood was fine.


Beth Quinn

If you live in the Hudson Valley, you probably already know Beth Quinn’s work. Her columns, articles, and editing work appeared in the Times Herald-Record of Middletown, NY, for 26 years – she started as Beth Mullally – until 2008 when she branched out on her own to form an editorial business,

Beth wrote a popular weekly opinion column for most of her years at the Record; she also served at various times as the paper’s health editor and editorial page editor.

Beth also created the newspaper’s style book, becoming the paper’s go-to person on matters of style, grammar, and usage. For Beth, the correct use of the apostrophe matters! She continues that good fight.

Beth’s work at the Record earned her 39 state and national writing awards in categories that include commentary, health reporting, depth reporting, business reporting, editorial writing, and features.

Her work has also appeared in publications ranging from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, Reader’s Digest, the Sporting News and (obviously, if you know Beth) Dog Fancy. Her columns have been published in two books of collected works, The Best of Beth and Unleashed, the Dog Columns.

Beth is also an adjunct associate professor of English at SUNY Orange, where she teaches writing.

In addition, she edits work written by amateur writers who want to see their stories told in book form. “We all have a story to tell,” she says. “Sometimes we just need someone to say, ‘Let me help.’”

Helping other writers is what Beth Quinn does – and we’re very glad she’s helping us. You will be, too.


Bud Koenemund

Poet and philosopher; social commentator and crusader; student and teacher; part Jedi Knight and part Sith apprentice, Bud Koenemund – aka The Mad Sonneteer – is a man of convictions, contradictions, and love for language.

Bud has served in editorial positions at several publications, including stints as Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning Outlook Student Press, and Copy Editor at both Impulse and Oxys magazines. He works as a freelance copy editor for novels, short fiction, articles, and essays. His own work has appeared in myriad publications, both in print and online.

While not a fan of overly-simplified or “dumbed-down” writing, Bud is loath to use a five-dollar word when a five-cent word will sufficiently convey the intended meaning. He believes one can write well – and sans pretension – without forcing a reader to the OED every other page.

Though occasionally accused of too much focus on writing Shakespearean sonnets, in truth, Bud’s writing and editing work stretches across many forms and genres.

Bud lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his family, and two well-read cats. Contact Bud at, or peruse some of his work at and

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Michael Tencer

Tencer has been a ghost writer and not-so-ghost editor for just over a decade. With a Postgraduate Certificate in Arts (Editing and Communications) from Melbourne University, he’s written essays and poetry for publications across three continents, including Cordite Poetry Review (Sydney), Hix Eros (Brighton), Materials (Cambridge, UK), the 1cent series (Ottawa), AMM/Unkant (London), the UnAmerican Activities reading series (New York), and the J.H. Prynne festschrift For the Future (ed. Ian Brinton; Shearsman Books: Bristol, 2016). He was co-editor with Andy Wilson of The Assassin (Unkant Publishers: London, 2014), and co-writer with Ken Fox of the poetry collection Frack the Deuteronomy (Earthly City Productions: Saskatoon, 2016). He maintains poet J.H. Prynne’s online bibliography. He’s hosted music radio shows, directed animated and live-action short films, and guest lectured on poetry, art, and activism.


David Nayor

David Nayor is a full-time writer and editorial consultant who’s ghostwritten and/or co-authored all or part of seven published books, and penned dozens of articles for magazines and online publications, marketing materials, website content, and 15 book proposals (with ongoing work on several others).

His main interests are health and medical writing for consumer audiences, memoirs, and self-help business books.

Recently, David worked on the Heart Health Bible (DaCapo/Lifelong) with John Kennedy, MD, nationally renowned interventional and preventive cardiologist. Dr. Kennedy and his important work have been featured on Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper, Extra, PBS News Hour, The Doctors, and Fox Morning News. David also contributed content to Encardea, Dr. Kennedy’s online resource for cardiovascular wellness (

Last year, David completed work on a memoir (It Books/Harper Collins) for one of New York’s most celebrated chefs (David has a non-disclosure agreement and can’t publicly mention his involvement or the client’s name). The author, a James Beard Finalist and winner of Iron Chef America, has undertaken a six-figure campaign to help bring the book to the national bestseller list.

He also worked on 77 Questions for Skillful Living: A New Path to Extraordinary Health (HarperCollins) with Michael Finkelstein, MD, an acclaimed pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Finkelstein is the host a weekly syndicated radio program on Business Talk Radio Network and Lifestyle Talk Radio Network. Earlier this year, 77 Questions for Skillful Living was repurposed as Slow Medicine: Hope and Healing for Chronic Illness under the aegis of Ghost of the Future co-founder Ian Blake Newhem. 

The Thin Commandments Diet (Rodale) was Dr. Stephen Gullo’s critically acclaimed follow-up to his national bestseller, Thin Tastes Better. People Magazine hailed The Thin Commandments Diet as one the “best diet books of the new year,” USA Today called it a “book filled with practical ideas,” and Web MD commended it for “preaching strategy, not prayer, as the path to lifelong weight control.” David recently began work on Dr. Gullo’s third consumer diet book, tentatively titled The Eating Habit.

David co-authored the Skinny Jeans Diet (HarperCollins) with Lyssa Weiss, RD; he’s the ghostwriter on the forthcoming An Empowering Guide to Lung Cancer (Praeger) with Eric Presser, MD; and he wrote several chapters of A Patient’s Guide to PCOS: Understanding—and Reversing—Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Holt) with Walter Futterweit, MD. David is also rewriting Invisible Killers with Stewart Lonky, MD, and Rik Deitsch, MS, two of the country’s leading authorities on environmental toxicity and its effect on human health. Future projects include Is It What It Is: Unraveling the Mysteries of Perceptual Intelligence with acclaimed ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler.

Because David is a ghostwriter, most often his work doesn’t carry his byline, and he can’t always talk about what he’s worked on. But he actually likes it that way.

Two years ago, David co-created and helped launch ( with his client and business partner, the aforementioned Dr. Stephen Gullo. is the ultimate source for the inside scoop on the diet and weight loss secrets of the rich and famous. In total, has generated over 700,000 “high engagement” visitors, procured multiple links back to the site, and is listed on the rolls of many popular diet/weight loss blogs. will soon expand to offer advice, personalized online weight loss services, original articles, information, and products, including a digitalized weight loss plan, home meal delivery service and diet, and nutritional and fitness products through an online store. Members to this subscription-based service will be provided with shopping lists, insider strategies and tips, recipes and weight management tools and will have access to a wide array of support services, including access to a registered dietitian, nutritionist, fitness expert, interactive online information, online communities, articles, message boards, and online meetings.

David has worked on multiple book proposals and is developing several others with some of the most celebrated names in the fields of health/medicine and business. Additional topics he’s worked and/or consulted on (or is currently working on) include: addiction, obesity, an Olympic memoir, back-tax resolution, anti-aging medicine, the Millennial Generation, healthy exercise, psychosomatic medicine and integrative psychiatry, aesthetic medicine, the Zeitgeist Movement Global, choosing the right plastic surgeon, a memoir of the Wonderland Treatment Center, and reforming the country’s failing mental health system.

Magazines and websites David has written for include Health, Fitness, New Beauty, Seed, Men’s Journal, Life Extension, Mount Sinai Hospital’s Heart, Mount Sinai Hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecology,, Forbrain, Cottage Homecare Services, Dance Magazine, and Westchester Magazine.

Please visit and for samples of his web writing.

David resides in New York City with his beautiful and talented wife Allison, his equally beautiful and talented children Naomi and Layne, two loquacious guinea pigs, Holly and Haley, and Petunia, the family’s beautiful and talented teddy bear hamster.


Genie Abrams

Genie Abrams loves ghosting, ghosts, and living in the historic ghost-town of Newburgh, NY. As a newspaper reporter and copy editor for – is it possible? – 40-plus years, she has a well-earned reputation for figuring out what people mean to say and then saying it, in graceful prose, appropriate for the purpose and the audience.

Genie is the author of the acclaimed “Great American Novel,” Louey Levy’s Greatest Catch, as well as many poems, in addition to the thousands of articles she’s edited. She’s a proud member of the Hudson River Poets. She writes for the Ingram/Schechter public relations firm, where her favorite client has been the Internet Hall of Fame. In this gig she gets to interview the very geekiest humans, many of whom do not have English as their first language, brilliant as they are, and explain their achievements and motivations in a way that makes their humanity outshine even their geekiness.

Genie is great fan of good political writing, too. She’s a member of the City Council in her home town of Newburgh. When she’s not writing, editing, or legislating in Council Chambers, you can find her hiking in the Hudson Highlands and Catskills, gardening, or stumbling around watching birds.

You can reach Genie at, and see her website and sample writing at


Lloyd Garner

Bio coming soon!